Price analysis 10/14: SPX, DXY, BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, ADA, SOL, DOGE, MATIC

In September, the United States Consumer Price Index (CPI), increased 8.2% annually. This beat economic experts expectations of an 8.1% increase. CPI printed measured up to its expectations and caused a short-lived however sharp increase in unstable threat possessions.

On Oct. 14, both the U.S. and Bitcoin attempted to extend the healing however the higher levels brought in selling. This suggests that the bears are not offering up.

Daily cryptocurrency market efficiency. Source: Coin360

S&P 500 traded within its biggest trading range since 2020. Bitcoin (BTC), nevertheless, saw an intraday variety of over $1,323 on October 13. Bitcoin could not get away the $18,125-20,500 range it had remained in for a number of days.

Will the increase in volatility cause a breakout on the benefit, or the next leg downtrend?

On Oct. 13, the S&P 500 index (SPX), fell to $3,491; however, bulls purchased hugely at lower levels. This may have put a number of aggressive bears in a challenging spot and they may have attempted to cover their short positions. This raised the index above the $3,636 breakdown level.

Lets take a look at the charts for the S&P 500 Index, the U.S. Dollar index (DXY), and significant cryptocurrencies to see what they are.


Daily chart of SPX Source: TradingView

On Oct. 14, buyers tried to extend the healing, but the bears had various plans. Sellers strongly defended the 20 day exponential moving average (EMA), which was $3,715, showing that belief is still unfavorable and relief rallies have actually been sold into.


If the index bounces off the support zone of $3,636 to $3,491, this will show that bulls are accumulating on dips. The barrier at the 20 day EMA will be broken by purchasers who will try to challenge the drop line. This resistance may collapse, signaling that the corrective stage is over.

The U.S. dollar Index fell to $113.92 Oct. 13, however the bulls stopped the decline at the 20 day EMA (112 ). This suggests that traders see the dips as a chance to purchase and maintain positive sentiment.

The bears will try to bring the index to $3,491. This is a vital level to view. The index might be up to $3,325, if this support breaks down.

Daily chart of DXY Source: TradingView


Bulls will try to break the overhead resistance zone of $113.92 to $114.77. Approval above this level will signify the start of an uptrend. The index could rally to $117.14.

Bitcoin broke through $18,843 support on October 13th and fell to $18,125. This level drew in buyers, which began a sharp recovery as shown by the long tail of the days candlestick.

The index could be up to the SMA (109) after that. It will indicate a pattern change if bears lower the cost below the uptrend.

Contrary to what you may believe, if the rate falls listed below the overhead resistance, bears will attempt to lower the index listed below 20-day EMA. If the index breaks listed below this support, it will be a sign that bullish momentum is waning.

Daily chart of BTC/USDT Source: TradingView

The cost of Ether (ETH), fell below $1,220 support on Oct. 13, but the bears were unable to keep it down. The dip was bought by the bulls, who formed a hammer candlestick pattern.

If the price stays listed below the 20-day EMA the bears will try to pull the set under $18,843 once again and challenge the support at $18,125.


If the bulls press the price higher than the $20,500 overhead resistance, the balance will remain in their favor. The BTC/USDT exchange could rise to $22,800. At this level, the bears will likely install stiff resistance.

The price climbed above the moving averages Oct. 14, but buyers are facing stiff resistance at its drop line. The 20-day EMA ($ 19.466) is flattening and the relative strength sign (RSI), is close to the midpoint. This indicates stability between buyers and sellers.

Daily chart of ETH/USDT Source: TradingView

The favorable momentum that buyers have actually maintained because Oct. 14 is being maintained by them and they are pressing the rate greater than the overhead zone in between $1,331, the 20-day EMA ($ 1,331), and the resistance line in the triangle.

BNB has actually been trading in between $300 and $258 over the previous few days. Traders typically buy near the assistance and offer near the resistance in a variety.

They might have other plans. They will attempt to stop the healing in the overhead location and then pull the set under $1,190.

If they have the ability to pull it off the ETH/USDT set might try a rally towards the drop line in the coming down channel pattern. To indicate a possible pattern modification, the bulls will require to conquer this obstacle.


Daily chart BNB/USDT TradingView


This is exactly what occurred on October 13, when the bulls purchased the dip down to $258. The price climbed above the Oct. 14 moving averages, but the candlesticks long wick shows that the bears are selling at resistance levels. Bears will try to push the cost down to $258, and after that extend the decline to $216.

If the price increases and breaks above the moving averages the BNB/USDT set might attempt to rally to $300 overhead resistance. A breakout above this level might cause a rally up to $338.

XRP (XRP), broke below the 20 day EMA ($ 0.47) Oct. 13, but the bears could not sustain lower levels. Bulls bought the dip and pressed it back above the 20 day EMA.

Daily chart of XRP/USDT Source: TradingView

Both moving averages are trending upwards and the RSI has actually moved into the positive area. Bulls will attempt to press the cost higher than $0.56 overhead resistance.


A break listed below the 20-day EMA will signify weakness. This would suggest that traders could be taking earnings at greater levels. This might cause the breakout level at $0.41.

Cardano (ADA), found purchasing assistance at $0.35 Oct. 13, however the bulls are having trouble pushing the cost above $0.40 Oct. 14.

Daily chart ADA/USDT Source: TradingView

The 20-day EMA ($ 0.41) is continuing to slide down, and the RSI remains in the oversold area. This suggests that bears have taken control. If the price falls below $0.35 it will show that bears have turned $0.40 into resistance. This might increase the possibility of a fall to $0.33.

If purchasers push the cost higher than the moving averages, this bearish outlook might be withdrawed. This will signify strong accumulation at lower levels. This could cause the ADA/USDT pairing climbing towards the sag line.

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Solana (SOL), fell below $30 on Oct. 13, however the bears couldnt construct on this strength to sink the rate to $26. The cost rose above $30 after the bulls stopped the plunge at $27.87.


Daily chart of SOL/USDT Source: TradingView

Bulls will need to push the SOL/USDT cost set higher than the downtrend line if they want to reject this bearish view. This might open the method for a rally to $35.50, and after that to $39 where bears may once again present strong resistance.

On Oct. 14, buyers attempted to preserve the positive momentum however were met heavy selling at the drop line, as shown by the candlesticks long wick. The bears will attempt to bring the rate down to $30 and extend the decrease to $26.

Dogecoin (DOGE), rebounded from the strong assistance at $0.06 on October 13, which suggests that bulls are strongly defending the level. The price is expected to increase above the Oct. 14 moving averages as buyers try to press it higher.


Daily chart of DOGE/USDT Source: TradingView

The DOGE/USDT exchange rate might reach $0.07 if they succeed. This level will once again function as strong resistance, however bulls might press the rate higher than it to permit the pair to rally to $0.09.


The polygons (MATIC), Oct. 13 candlestick has a long tail that reveals bulls are purchasing strongly near the $0.71- $0.69 assistance zone. The bulls held firm as the buyers attempted to increase the rate above its downtrend line on Oct. 14.

Contrary to popular belief, bears will try to decrease the rate below $0.06 if the rate falls from the moving averages. This is an important level that the bulls must safeguard as if it breaks, the pair might retest the June low of $0.05.

Daily chart MATIC/USDT Source: TradingView

If the price falls below $0.35 it will indicate that bears have turned $0.40 into resistance.

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In September, the United States Consumer Price Index (CPI), increased 8.2% yearly. The cost climbed above the moving averages Oct. 14, but purchasers are facing stiff resistance at its drop line. The cost climbed above the Oct. 14 moving averages, however the candlesticks long wick shows that the bears are selling at resistance levels. Bears will try to push the price down to $258, and then extend the decrease to $216.

The RSI near the midpoint and the moving averages that are flattish suggest a balance in supply and need. If the price rises above its sag line, this stability might be slanted in favor of buyers. $0.94 could end up being the next stop if the MATIC/USDT exchange rate increases to $0.86.

Nevertheless, bears will continue to sell rallies if the rate moves in the opposite direction of the drop line. The rate might stay in between $0.69 and the downtrend line.

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