Ethereum Saves Earth from Global Warming Catastrophe

Ethereum is the second-most well-known cryptocurrency around the globe There are significant developments in the coming months. The developers are working on the process of changing the Ethereum blockchain away from an energy-consuming Proof-of-Work system to one that is based on Proof-of Stake. It took longer than most people thought, but the new date of implementation of “The Merge,” as it’s now known will be September 19th. Finally people of the world will be able to sleep easier knowing that millions of graphics cards running around the world isn’t going to bring about global destruction.

Although it is ethereal the cryptocurrency isn’t created from thin air there’s a need been required to “mine” or “mint” it. This process is employed to create new transactions on the blockchain, and to keep the system running. At present, Ethereum uses Proof-of-Work, which requires the use of computing power. GPUs are becoming popular for mining Ethereum -The higher the rate of high-hash GPUs you are able to run the higher amount of coins you’ll get.

What is Ethereum? Beginners Guide for Blockchain Newbies

GPU Mining is Over. Will Miners Revolt?

What the heck will all the Ethereum miners do with all those graphics cards? The idea of wasting all the energy mining money on the internet doesn’t go well with many people, which is why the calls for cryptocurrency have increased to shift towards a more sustainable Proof of Stake algorithm. That’s exactly what Ethereum is making. Following The Merge, Ethereum nodes will “mint” coins at a rate determined by the number of coins it has and the length of time it has been holding the coins. Instead of computing power, decides the person who can create an additional block.

The Merge was delayed several times, and could happen again however it is a major shift to Ethereum and the Ethereum community. Ethereum Developer Ben Edgington calls this a “coordination point” for node operators, who must adapt their operations to this new system. This means there are no more servers of GPUs burning Kilowatt-hours of power which is a great thing for all.

It is tempting to rejoice at the end of the inflated GPU prices. Ethereum mining was certainly one of the major factors in the GPU shortage that has occurred over the past few years. In the near future, increases in Ethereum prices won’t impact the availability of video cards. However, it won’t solve the issue entirely. Although Ethereum is a huge cryptocurrency, it’s far from the only one that can be mined using GPUs. Other factors can also be a factor which affect GPU pricing, including that of the supply of semiconductors.

The cryptocurrency market is having a difficult time at the moment. The demise of a well-known stablecoin, as well as the collapse of a number of prominent crypto financial firms has seen prices fall dramatically. Ethereum has dropped by around 60% since the beginning of the year. the imminent transition to Proof-of-Stake could push it down further. It’s still an essential change, but.

Now the world will need to look for a new global threat. Could it be an invasion from M2 Monsters? Stay tuned to find out.

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2021's Most Anticipated Growth & Wealth-Building Opportunity

Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together

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