Axie Infinity: Re-engineering its destiny in the GameFi landscape

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based video game that has made the play-to make gaming design popular. Axie is a severe type of “severe entrepreneurial” where success and failure can happen nearly instantly, depending on the dynamics of SLP. Many predictions have been made about Axies impending collapse and the loss of trust among its members.

Axie Infinitys future was something that interested me as a player. I interviewed over a dozen Axie guild members, managers, and scholars throughout the first half 2022. I watched them play Axie Infinity and asked them questions to help me understand the games intricacies and examine Axies capacity.

SLP demand can be decreased

Another error is that Axie was dominated by lower-wage players. Since the incomes of SLP are so appealing in contrast to local living requirements, this is why it holds true. It is dangerous to position your bets on one group of players. It is important to diversify your threat. Axie has the ability to bring in gamers from low- and medium-wage countries. They also concentrate on the “fun factor” of the video game while offering the “incomes aspect” as an included perk. It is vital to move towards a “play-to-own” model where gamers can have input on the video games development.

Axie made a mistake by engineering too lots of need for SLP. To provide a smoother need curve, SLP needs to preserve a stable increase of new gamers.

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In-game economics is extremely essential to keep players from exploiting the game. Axie is simply too foreseeable about how gamers can win SLPs. A dead time could be used to permit the birth and breeding of Axies. You can also include some SLP costs to assist raise Axies.

Axies ingame economics, which rewards players SLP for winning fights, was another mistake. A penalty SLP for losing a fight is one choice.

Another problem is that players typically dont cash out their hard made SLP. Axies can likewise introduce a time-based system to cash out SLPs and lose them.

Balance the supply of SLP.

There were stories of single gamers playing on up to 50 accounts with several mobile phones. This issue was not addressed by Axie.

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Axies business model can be artistically adjusted

Axie Infinitys key organization model part is the price for SLP. This is affected by many aspects, consisting of supply and need for SLP, supply and Axies, crypto guidelines and volatility of crypto. The price of SLP can be handled, however it is not within Axie Infinitys control. Nansen approximates that Axies $1.35 billion income between May 2021 and May 2022 was mainly from reproducing charges (85%), and market costs (13%). This reveals the degree of Axies income source. Axie Infinity needs to find other earnings sources than reproducing and market fees.

My informants recommended that Axie enable users to “burn SLP to update into effective Axies,” grow the AXS market, and host worldwide esports tournaments.

Another error was the understanding of an absence of interaction between Sky Mavis (the developer and publisher) of Axie Infinity and its neighborhood. Sky Mavis core group has been implicated of “power play” against the Axie Infinity group.

It is necessary to have a more ingenious company design. Axie must be ingenious in order to increase its gamer base. It can not offer an uninteresting gaming experience, as it is limited by its square fight location. You can permit the little beasts to wander around Lunacia, where they will face dangers (e.g., an epidemic or Axie-eating animals that will reduce or burn SLP). Axies must be enabled to sign up with forces with other players in an epic fight versus other Axies, similar to the Gundam mecha anime series. This will increase need for SLP. It is necessary to co-develop the video game with indie developers, but it needs an earnings sharing design. Axie is able to modify Pokemon Gos income design by permitting gamers the capability to purchase designs, avatars, and product.

Axie Infinitys not so grim future

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Axie Infinity may not disappear entirely. It will most likely reinvent itself and chart new courses in the rapidly altering GameFi landscape. GameFi will remain as an experimentation area in the Metaverse, which blurs the line in between work/investing and enjoyable.

I saw them play Axie Infinity and asked them questions to help me understand the video games intricacies and evaluate Axies potential. Axies ingame economics, which rewards gamers SLP for winning battles, was another mistake. Axie is simply too predictable about how gamers can win SLPs. Axie Infinitys key service model component is the price for SLP. The rate of SLP can be managed, but it is not within Axie Infinitys control.

Axie offered more than 325,000 Axies during the crypto winter season at over 3,500 Ethereum, a quantity of around $3.9 Million. My real-time Axie explores scholars in June 2022 showed that the time it requires to find enemies for each battle is the exact same. This suggests that there are still Axie gamers, contrary to predictions that the majority would stop Axie. Nevertheless, Axie managers and gamers can be lured to join other profitable play-to-earn video gaming chances. Axies “switchers” are a new threat.

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