Vitalik shows support for Optimism’s governance structure and OP gas proposal

As part of its new governance project, the “Optimism Collective,” the Ethereum layer-2 scaling option released its very first round of long-awaited OP token Airdrops on June 1.

Optimisms brand-new governance structure includes 2 celebrations, the “Token House”, and the “Citizens House”. The previous is made up of OP governance token holders while the latter is made up of non-transferrable citizenship NFT “soul-bound” owners.

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, has expressed support for Optimisms brand-new governance structure. He kept in mind that propositions like using the OP token to pay gas costs show “explicit representations of non-token-holder interest.”

It is not clear if Buterin totally supports the proposition to use the OP governance token as gas fees starting June 2, or if he is simply happy that such a discussion is happening. He noted this on Twitter today:

This is an outstanding example of why @optimismPBC must be proud to include non-token governance (the Citizen House) Optimism has other goals than “make OP grow”, and it is possible to achieve that long-lasting objective by explicitly representing non-token-holder interests.
— vitalik.eth (@VitalikButerin) June 3, 2022

Buterin mentioned his views that crypto should “move beyond coins voting” in Decentralized Finance (DeFiv) and Decentralized Governance (DeGov), as it risks of whale governance token holders dominating ballot. Buterin states this can cause the whales approuving short-term proposals that aim to increase the rate of possessions.

The neighborhood appears to be divided on the OP gas fee proposition. It was gone over in the Optimism governance forum the other day for ideas and feedback.

According to Optimism the Citizens House will increase in number over time. The Foundation will figure out the “mechanism” for distributing Citizenships with input from Token House.

Both celebrations have various objectives. The Token House is accountable for job incentives, procedure upgrades, and treasury funding, while Citizens House is entrusted to retroactively fund public products.

They also share governance choices concerning network parameters and granting citizenship to Citizens House brand-new residents, which Buterin seems to be very appreciative of in this instance.

This could result in platform users and small holders not being able to take part in the DeGov procedure. It can also result in what Buterin calls a lack non-token-hodler interest.

Online Forum on Optimism Governance and the proposition for a gas fee

Lots of people used brief and direct remarks of contract, primarily keeping in mind that it would supply OP with more utility. Numerous others took the time discuss why they werent in favor.

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” Optimism can be described as EVM equivalent. Accepting OP tokens for gas is a surrender to EVM equivalence. Optimism should also pay costs to Ethereum Mainnet in ETH. What will take place to the OPETH conversion?

Kethic, a member of the group, stated that he didnt think this was a great concept. Vrede said that it felt counterproductive to utilize voting power in a governance structure.

Massedai mentioned that this is a “early change to a systems that hasnt begun working yet the method Optimism wanted,” suggesting that the project is trying to produce token worth through “community success” and not by making quick relocate to pump a token.
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