Here are 3 ways hodlers can profit during bull and bear markets

The simplest usage case for cryptocurrency holders is most likely lending.


Although a lot of tokens claim to solve real-world problems, just a little number of them really do so. The rest are speculative financial investments.

Bull and bear markets need liquidity for DeFi procedures. The integration of stablecoins on both decentralized and centralized exchanges has actually permitted the marketplace to grow and stay sufficiently liquid.

Here are three things that cryptocurrency investors can do with their coins.

Platforms such as Curve Finance, Beefy Finance, and Trader Joe offer stablecoin liquidity pools yield and rates as much as 20% APY.

Farming stablecoins is another way to use the hodl bag. The cryptocurrency market is understood for high volatility and high-risk trading, making stablecoins yields are safer than investing in Bitcoin (BTC), altcoins, and other cryptocurrencies.

Platforms such as Vesta Equity or the just recently launched allow crypto holders to take advantage of their assets and acquire a home loan, or lend them to prospective house buyers in return for long-lasting yield.

Stablecoin farming

The crypto lending industry has actually seen a fast growth into locations that were previously dominated by conventional financing. This is particularly real in property where there are a range of cryptocurrency-based listing and home loan platforms.

Since years, crypto advocates have actually declared the world-changing capacity of blockchain technology and digital currency. With each market cycle death, brand-new projects are developed and deserted, and the guarantees of utility for these “real-world use cases” projects fail to materialize.

Blue-chip DeFi protocols such as Aave Maker and Compound offer an affordable yield on stablecoins. Lesser-known procedures can provide higher benefits to assist attract liquidity.

The opportunities for crypto holders to lend their tokens for rewards have actually increased because 2020s decentralized finance (DeFi).

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Offering tokens that are not lost

Astroport introduced a new liquidity bootstrapping phase, where factors could provide liquidity swimming pool sets in return for a greater reward level. Individuals get a lockdrop reward upon lockup. This lockdrop can be used to trade, hold, or supply liquidity.

Airdrops are likewise referred to as lockdrops. Although they dont technically help tasks raise cash, they do need token receivers to devote to future use. Airdrops only disperse tokens to those who choose in, however lockdrops require interested parties commit to securing liquidity that can then be used by the jobs initial launch.

Another example is lockdrops, which are a no-loss token offer. One was utilized recently throughout the launch of Astroport and Mars Protocol.

For locking their financial investment in this wise contract, factors get the native token for the freshly introduced procedure. The contributor gets the token balance in exchange for locking their financial investment in the clever agreement.

As a method of reducing the chance expense of liquidity provision, liquidity service providers may also be qualified for trading fees or other rewards depending upon the liquidity swimming pool in which they lie.

Long-term crypto holders have the opportunity to make tokens in return for yield, and they can pick which tokens they want to build up.

Parachain auctions on the Kusama and Polkadot networks are an example of a non-loss token offer. Financiers interested in backing a job can secure DOT or KSM for a specific amount of time to serve as security backing.

Getting involved in the token-free offerings that are launched throughout the ecosystem is another method to “utilize” cryptocurrency.

After the agreed-upon lockup duration has ended, users can remove the liquidity.

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Astroport launched a brand-new liquidity bootstrapping stage, where contributors could offer liquidity pool pairs in return for a greater benefit level. Participants get a lockdrop benefit upon lockup. This lockdrop can be utilized to trade, hold, or provide liquidity.

They dont technically help jobs raise cash, they do need token receivers to commit to future use. Airdrops just disperse tokens to those who choose in, but lockdrops need interested celebrations commit to protecting liquidity that can then be used by the jobs initial launch.

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2021's Most Anticipated Growth & Wealth-Building Opportunity

Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together

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