Inside the blockchain developers’ mind: What is the ultimate scaling solution?

Cointelegraph follows the development of a totally new blockchain, from creation to the mainnet, and beyond, through its series, Inside the Blockchain Developers Mind, written Andrew Levine, Koinos Group.

Scalability is a hot subject in blockchain. A blockchain that is accessible to everybody. This implies that the blockchain network need to be capable of supporting such a load.

Experience is crucial

They dont talk much about the apparent implication that users should enjoy a positive user experience. Horrible user experiences can be definitely scaled due to the fact that there is no need to supply bad user experiences or the required network resources to deliver them.

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These projects are attempting to attend to Ethereums scaling restrictions by incorporating scaling services earlier, but they stop working to recognize that these options only make sense within Ethereums context as the first general-purpose Blockchain and the one with the greatest developer adoption.

This can be seen in the truth that a lot of projects do not discuss scaling. Rather, they concentrate on technical executions such as proof-of-history or layer 2. These are the services Ethereum utilizes to resolve its scaling issues.

Ethereum: The first to move

Ethereum gave developers the opportunity to develop applications on a shared platform blockchain utilizing a programs language that was extremely similar to those they utilized to develop applications. It was called a Turing complete language. Building decentralized applications on Ethereum was an incredible leap in speed and ease compared to other blockchain-based applications. This unrivaled user experience has actually enabled Ethereum to grow at a quick speed. The demand for Ethereums resources has actually exceeded supply. This has resulted in a boost of gas need and corresponding cost increase, which made all Ether (ETH-holders) very delighted.

Stakeholders and developers of Ethereum do not want costs to be gotten rid of or minimized. This would be comparable to oil manufacturers attempting to decrease the cost of oil. If there is excess demand for their network resources, they dont care about improving the user experience. Instead, they care more about increasing supply (scaling), while maintaining the existing user experience.

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We see many tasks trying to persuade users to utilize Ethereum for development.

That is Ethereum! Ethereum is the 900-pound gorilla of basic purpose blockchains. It has unbelievable designer adoption, first mover advantage and unfathomable capital financial investments. Its a great platform, and the plans for scaling it make perfect sense for Ethereum. They are not suitable to platforms with no use or developer adoption.

Analogy as a technique of reasoning

This is analogous thinking, not first principles reasoning. Instead of looking at what others are doing, you make decisions that focus on your problem and the very best path to fixing it. Sharding is the very best way to scale Ethereum, and this is an example of thinking by example.

Koinos Group approaches this problem using very first principles. Scaling to the masses does not suggest incorporating magical technology that supports everyone, their mom and all of their kids overnight. Innovation platforms never go from zero users to mass adoption in a matter of hours.

This means that your platform or app stack can support any variety of transactions or users, no matter how many. This is efficiently irrelevant.

It doesnt matter how expensive your product is, what matters is that it has a special worth proposal that early adopters will enjoy. Koinos lets people use decentralized apps free of charge by merely holding liquid KOIN tokens within their wallets. Due to the fact that every liquid KOIN token has mana, they do not require to buy an account or stake their tokens. The tokens that consist of mana from an account are immediately locked up until they go out, which produces a chance expense rather than a specific charge.

Computer game experience

This makes the blockchain more satisfying than the typical UX. This produces a completely different user experience and is more enjoyable, its unlikely that everybody will desire to use Koinos from Day 1. Ethereums fee-based model is still the dominant paradigm, which is just validated by its numerous imitators/competitors. It has a large number of token holders, developers, and institutional investors who support it (and, by extension, its cost based design).

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When Koinos use reaches a specific level, it will become so popular that tokens are locked for a great deal of users. This might cause a new user experience that is not as good as the original. This is how Koinos looks when it strikes its scaling limitations. Remember that the user will not lose those tokens forever (a charge), but they will just be able to dispense some chance expense which leads to an infinitely much better user experience.

A little however ideally not too large number of early adopters will start utilizing Koinos on Day 1. As these individuals discover the advantages of the blockchain, they will spread the word and increase usage.

Upgradeability is the supreme scaling solution

As soon as Koinos usage reaches a certain level, it will become so popular that tokens are locked for a large number of users. The user will not lose those tokens forever (a fee), however they will just be able to dispense some opportunity expense which results in a definitely much better user experience.

They dont care about improving the user experience if there is excess demand for their network resources. Rather, they care more about increasing supply (scaling), while maintaining the current user experience.

Koinos has not been optimized for any particular scaling service. All of the jobs that have actually been exploring with scaling innovation prematurely end up being fertile screening ground for Koinos.

Upgradeability is my favorite scaling option.

Scaling isnt an end objective. Its a process that happens throughout the life of a platform, provided it is upgradeable. You should select the “right” scaling solution on Day One if the platform is not adequately upgradeable. This is more a result of bad upgradeability (and poor engineering) than anything.

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Andrew Levine is CEO of Koinos Group. This group consists of market veterans who are dedicated to decentralization using available blockchain technology. Koinos is their fundamental item, which is a considerably extensible and free blockchain that supports universal language assistance.
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Koinos is their foundational item, which is a complimentary and infinitely extensible blockchain that supports universal language assistance.

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