OKEx shared insights on trading, regulation, DeFi and more during recent Markets Pro AMA

OKEx, a centralized cryptocurrency exchange situated in Seychelles, was founded in 2017. CoinGecko reports that OKEx is the third largest cryptocurrency brokerage worldwide, representing nearly $12 billion in trade volume over the last 24 hours. The exchange provides 518 trading pairs and 312 coins.

OKEx Staff: To automate trades using the trading bot on OKEx, you dont need any programming experience. The trading bot is incorporated into the OKEx trading platform, making it easy to establish. You can either choose the AI choice to automate your trades and set the order amount in USDT (in Tether). Or you can manually adjust the parameters for each asset, consisting of the rate limits.

Trading bots are able to make the most of profits, especially in market varieties. A trading bot like the one on OKEx will make more profit if the market you select is up (selling), down (purchasing), and then up, down (whatever in between), rather than up, up. OKExs trading bot is available for all area trade sets.

Cointelegraph Markets Pro user: How can one benefit from bots/API [Application Programming Interface] trading without any coding experience? Is OKEx fully incorporated with any other partners?

For new cryptocurrency lovers, it can be difficult to browse the complicated world of finance and trading. OKEx intends to make sophisticated trading techniques accessible to everyone by offering a basic user interface. OKEx personnel spoke to Cointelegraph Markets Pro Users throughout an exclusive “Ask me Anything” (AMA) session. They went over trading tools, financial guideline and the OKExChain blockchain. Memes coins were likewise talked about.

OKEx trading interfaceSource: OKEx

OKEx: Trading bot earnings and losses

CT Markets Pro User: What do you believe will happen to the crypto market after Indias crypto restriction?

OKEx personnel: The rumors are real! [The trading chain] Its called OEC. This summertime, the mainnet was released. OEC is an EVM [Ethereum Virtual Machine] compatible, public blockchain that uses Cosmos/Tendermint architecture. OKEx has been quietly dealing with OEC for numerous years in order to make it more robust and attend to the blockchain trilemma. Its not an Ethereum clone. This post offers more comprehensive information on OEC but is not for the faint-hearted.

CT Markets Pro user: I was recently notified of some advancements at OKExChain. Is there anything going on?

OKEx personnel: The Black Scholes model is used to determine mark rate (fair market price) for our option market. We use a SPAN-like stress-tester (like Chicago Mercantile Exchange), to identify the maximum loss in a customers portfolio.

OKEx staff: I think that Indias regulator would choose a more thorough framework for managing crypto than banning it. When it is allowed and controlled, the history of crypto has shown that it is possible to make it more powerful. It is not likely that the restriction in India will have any substantial effect on the market. Over the last number of years, crypto has actually been quite durable to news developments.

CT Markets Pro user: Cryptocurrencies are extremely unstable and have high beta. Are you using the same monetary model (i.e. Black Scholes) to price crypto derivatives as stocks?

CT Markets Pro User – What is the OKEx deFi Hub? What are the most present items and services offered?

OKEx personnel: Good concern! Meme coins can be utilized as entrances by non-native crypto traders and financiers due to their ease of access. These coins could slide sharply in future however I do not think they can trigger market instability at this time. These coins are speculative in nature, so investors must know the possible threats. The top meme coins like DOGE and SHIB have actually established themselves fairly well. On our podcast, we actually had an episode about meme coins. For the complete discussion, here is a link.

OKEx personnel: OKEx has a new mode called DeFi. On okex.com and in the app, you can toggle between “Exchange” or “DeFi” modes. It functions as a bridge in between CeFi and DeFi – OKEx brings DeFi to your fingertips in one smooth user interface. To utilize the DeFi mode, you do not need an OKEx account. Link your Web 3.0 wallet to track your wallets and see all of your DeFi possessions. The DeFi mode, which was released in the fall, presently includes our NFT market, GameFi centre, and control panel. Here you can see all your decentralized possessions including your NFTs. Theres more to come! OKEx provides a custom Web 3.0 wallet which you can utilize straight in the OKEx App or via Chrome or Firefoxs web browser extension. OKEx Earn is currently just available for staking, saving and yield-farming. This is all I have to say at the moment.

CT Markets Pro user: I wish to hear your ideas on the multi-billion dollar me coins. Do they supply a source of crypto inflow or are they time bombs that could destabilize crypto markets if they blow up?

CT Markets Pro User – How does OKEx work with the play-to earn games?

Disclaimer: These market forecasts were made prior to the news that a new coronavirus variation had negatively affected capital markets all over the world on Nov. 26. These market predictions might not matter in current conditions and must not be considered financial investment guidance.

OKEx personnel: The GameFi center at okex.com currently serves as a play-to make video game aggregator. You can also find the most updated and popular blockchain games on there. You can filter by blockchain network. We feature games from over 20 networks, including OEC (the open-source public blockchain produced by OKEx). Every OKEx GameFi video game has its own page. This consists of information about the video game, consisting of the history of in-game assets prices and other crucial information. You can also discover the direct link to the video games website. The majority of play-to-earn video gaming is done in-browser. This is a spacey, fun game that utilizes OEC.

CT Markets Pro User – Where do you see crypto market capital going in one, five or ten years? Which market sector is presently undervalued?

OKEx staff: OKEx offers innovative trading platforms that offer derivatives (alternatives and futures, perp Swaps), trading bots too margin trading, trading bots and many tokens. We recently introduced a DeFi mode that provides decentralized offerings such as NFTs, crypto games, and a control panel to assist you handle all your DeFi assets. Our services vary from extremely liquid trading markets and staking/farming options to deal with investors of all levels.

Market participants will be well encouraged to keep an eye on changes in monetary policy over the coming year. Last weeks podcast episode featured some remarkable guests who spoke a lot about the subject.

We continue to innovate services and tools that support the success of crypto market participants, such as the DeFi mode and the trading bot we discussed earlier. OKEx is the very first platform that offers real portfolio margin with multicurrency collateral loss offset. This is great news for professional traders who trade big portfolios of options/other crypto derivatives.

CT Markets Pro user: How would you compare OKEX with, for instance, Coinbase? What makes OKEX various in a world of a lot of exchange options?

$69 000 was the highest? Is there any chance of another alt season within the next couple of months?

OKEx Staff: To automate trades utilizing the trading bot on OKEx, you do not require any shows experience. The trading bot is incorporated into the OKEx trading platform, making it easy to set up. OKEx personnel: OKEx has a new mode called DeFi. OKEx provides a custom Web 3.0 wallet which you can utilize straight in the OKEx App or by means of Chrome or Firefoxs browser extension. OKEx personnel: OKEx offers sophisticated trading platforms that offer derivatives (futures and options, perp Swaps), trading bots as well margin trading, trading bots and many tokens.

OKEx staff: Whether $69 thousand is the greatest or not, it is just a matter time frames. This is due to the maturing market and the growing variety of market participants. In the sense that there has actually been a shift in market composition in between 2013 and 2017 and 2021.

The more volatile a market ends up being, the slower it moves. The next couple of months, particularly Q1 2022, will be remarkable to view as this bullish cycle might continue into next year, rather of ending in December. We will probably see another alt-season if that occurs.

For example, the BTC exchange net change metric is disappointing any indications of the existing costs or the last ATH [ All Time High], which would be a top similar to the one in May.

We are starting to see a metaverse/meme season today, I think. The news that Facebook was going all in with the metaverse has definitely fueled this side of things. The decentralized metaverse is seeing new capital circulation. According to me, the marketplace cycles through different sectors. For example, metaverse trends are presently being observed, but other lagging classifications might catch up if BTC doesnt fall excessive. If the marketplace is strong, then everything will rise eventually. It is clear that there is an inflow of institutional money. The equity balance of institutional cash is progressively increasing. It is tough to identify if Ethereum can be bought, as they all trade different methods and have different types.

Change in bitcoin net trading position Source: OKEx
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