Ethereum 2.0 node count drops to a one-month low as ETH price climbs to new heights

According to Glassnode information, the number of Ethereum accounts that are owned by 3rd parties (EOAs) has actually increased to 108.949, from 108.965 on Oct. 22. This is a sign investors and traders have overlooked the possibility of being validators on Ethereum 2.0s proof-of-stake blockchain.

On Nov. 9, the variety of Ethereum addresses that held 32 or more Ether (ETH), was up to a one month low.

Ethereum addresses with 32+ ETH deposits Glassnode

To end up being a complete validator, a user needs to deposit 32 ETH to an address designated for Ethereum 2.0. The depositor is given the rights to process deals, handle data and add blocks to the updated Ethereum blockchain.

Glassnode analysts consider Ethereum addresses that have a balance of 32 or higher ETH tokens to be “prospective validators.”

Just validators of wealthy Ethereum

Staking Rewards for Ethereum 2.0 as of Nov. 9, 2016, 1600 UTC Source:

A constant Ether rate increase corresponds with the current decrease in Ethereum 2.0 validators.

Data from indicates that 32 Ethereum can be locked up for an annual yield of 5.42%.

Significantly, the ETH price has actually increased almost 37% over the previous 30 days and reached a record high of $4,842 on November 8. It now costs over $153,000 to become an Ethereum 2.0 full node validater, compared to $23,600 at beginning of the year.

However, area ETH positions in contrast have actually yielded almost 1,000% paper returns over the previous twelve months. They also offer the versatility to profit-take versus possible disadvantage threats.

Whats the difference in between ETH and $6K?

As shown in the chart below, the cryptocurrencys recent climb to an estimated $4,842 record is part of a Cup & Handle breakout. This means that the continuing bullish momentum towards or above $6,000 will continue, as revealed in this chart.

As Ether prepares to increase towards $6,000. , the variety of validator addresses for Ethereum 2.0 has actually fallen also.

After the cost rallies to the upside, the pattern corrects to form the Cup. The pattern begins with a rebound towards the previous high, followed by a failed breakout attempt at the Cup.

Daily cost chart for ETH/USD with Cup and Handle setup. Source: TradingView

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The cost pulls back and grinds out the Handle, a smaller sized rounding bottom. The price reaches a new high and moves by as much the cups depth.

Ethers Cup depth surpasses $2,200, which implies that its Cup and Handle earnings target is around $6,100. The cost to end up being an ETH2.0 validator will increase to $195,000 if it happens.

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Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together

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