2020 special! New records, mega weirdness, the predictions that came true: Hodler’s Digest, Dec. 20–26

Title: 2020 unique! New records, mega weirdness, the forecasts that became a reality: Hodlers Digest, Dec. 20– 26Sourced From: cointelegraph.com/magazine/2020/12/26/2020-special-records-weirdness-predictions-hodlers-20-26Published Date: Sat, 26 Dec 2020 20:34:48 +0000

Jeannine Cruz

Jeannine Cruz– Earnings I am known as Jeannine Cruz, I am a writer and an industrialist by profession. My age is 32 years. My aim is to gather the attention of the targeted audience without being boring and unexciting. I like to utilize the free time in writing my views and thoughts for my book lovers or readers. My most preferred articles are usually about finance and business; however, I have written various topics in my articles. I do not have a specific genre. I get very creative when I have to express myself, I often sing, write or draw to portray my feelings. When it comes to my free time or you can say ‘ME-TIME’, I love to play with my cat, sleep an extra hour, or play my favorite video games.

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