CoinMarketCap Earn Fully Supports NFTs Launching $400K in SAND Rewards

NFTs: Unlimited Adoption
The search for contactless solutions for home entertainment was not far behind, and gaming also saw greater development this year as did numerous digital services based upon cryptocurrencies.
Most importantly, the mix of both worlds, the crypto + Blockchain, has actually created a brand-new motion that draws in a great deal of attention, where players, artists and crypto lovers have actually signed up with: the NFTs
Initially come from as an artistic experiment, the usage of non-fungible tokens focused on decentralized games has been boosted considering that the look of Cryptokitties.
Now the Metaverse has evolved and expanded its borders, becoming a subsector of billions of dollars that grows tremendously with its use and adoption cases: gaming, art, music, genuine estate, to name a few.
Its special and unrepeatable capacity, by having a special identifier, as well as the intrinsic residential or commercial properties of Blockchain technology “traceability, openness and immutability”, are a few of the advantages that allowed to explore the tokenization of properties of any type, beyond the standards fungibles of conventional tokens.
As if that were inadequate, its interoperability capability has actually made it possible to overcome the barriers between chains, therefore enabling a more worldwide and decentralized economy, at the very same time that it permits indisputable digital ownership of the user or developer of the NFT.
The Sandbox: Successful Use of NFTs.
Empowering the user and enabling them to monetize their productions straight without intermediaries while enabling them complete control over them, are the most significant use cases that NFTs promote within popular platforms from decentralized worlds such as Decentraland or The Sandbox
As if that were not enough, the reality of owning virtual LANDs and having the ability to rent them to monetize this space, in addition to having absolute control of the passive earnings from possessions that are developed on these areas, are attributes that are getting a growing number of fans, thanks to the power of Blockchain innovation, combined with the very best of the real life.
While it is not yet easy to count the statistics on the contribution of NFTs to the video gaming economy, their increasing inclusion in video gaming platforms is significantly evident, pointing the method to come.
In this sense, platforms such as Animoca Brands, which have enough experience and understanding between both worlds Blockchain and Gaming, have the possibility of higher success in covering this new emerging market niche of NFTs. The Sandbox is a great example of this success.
bout the Sandbox.
The Sandbox is a virtual world where players can construct, own, and monetize their video gaming experiences in the Ethereum blockchain.
The platforms native token is SAND, an ERC-20 utility token that is used within the platform for all interactions and transactions in the ecosystem.Title: CoinMarketCap Earn Fully Supports NFTs Launching $400K in SAND RewardsSourced From: Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2020 17:08:27 +0000

[PRESS RELEASE– Please Read Disclaimer] If there is one good thing we must leave this 2020, it is that paradoxically thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, digital adoption grew to levels never seen in previous years, and much of it goes through the crypto environment.
As part of the strategy to spread out understanding about the environment, CoinMarketCap has actually released its item “Learn Crypto, Earn Crypto”, under the motto of “acquire crypto assets in an enjoyable and low risk method”.
In this chance, the prominent cost index of the crypto market, has actually partnered with the popular virtual world platform based on Blockchain The Sandbox, so that enthusiasts from both worlds can evaluate their understanding by seeing videos while earning the native $SAND tokens.
In overall, there are $400,000 valued in $SAND tokens, the prize to be shared between the CMC Earn program alliance and The Sandbox.
After enjoying a set of explanatory videos on the popular video gaming platform based upon Blockchain innovation, users should finish a quiz to be credited with magnificent rewards in native SAND tokens, which can later on be utilized to gain access to The Sandbox, ASSETS purchases within the platform, or simply staked and getting passive income by keeping them in your portfolio.
In overall there are 3 video lessons that users can take pleasure in and have fun while learning and earning crypto properties related to the Metaverse The Sandbox.
You can access this link to win your first $SAND tokens!

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