Stay Cool with Active Stock: SRAX Inc (NASDAQ: SRAX)

With this joint endeavor, BIGtoken will offer a valuable tool to help both global and local retailers and brand names comprehend their ROI on digital media campaigns. Concurrently, BIGtoken will expand its global reach, and SRAX will gain access to data from extra markets and advertisers.”

On Monday, SRAX Inc (NASDAQ: SRAX) started its trading session with the price $2.11 and closed at rate of $2.11 by scoring -0.47%. SRAX has total market capitalization of $26130491.

EPS development for this year is 154.70% and EPS development in previous five years was 28.10% while EPS growth in next 5 years is forecasted to get to 15.00%. Sales development past 5 years was measured at 23.70%.

SRAX, Inc. (SRAX), a digital marketing and customer data management technology business, has partnered with ZAPGroup Inc., among the largest point-of-sale (POS) retail loyalty programs based in the Philippines. Through the co-marketing joint venture, ZAP will encourage its users to join and download BIGtoken, and BIGtoken will prompt its existing user base to sign up with ZAP. Users who sign up with both platforms and accept share their opt-in ZAP data with BIGtoken will get extra points, redeemable for choose items from a ZAP retail partner.

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